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  • Earth day and Fashion. It's complicated

    We are celebrating Mother Earth this week.  Events, films, and Instagram posts of the earth with heart emojis.  

    Every day is Earth Day, right?  We hope so. What is my contribution?   I take my reusable bags to the grocery store, I try to buy veggies and fruits only when they are in season,  I don't buy pre-packaged food, I don't use straws, I don't buy fast fashion and it's still not enough. 

    How does Habits contribute?  We try to support small companies that have a small carbon footprint. We are looking for alternatives to packaging and we strongly believe in buying quality items that will last a very long time.  Pieces that endure and have a shelf life longer that one season.  

    One of the most exciting ways we are hopefully making an impact is with the collaborative collection Revival Jackson Hole, which will launch a new Summer Collection in June. A collaboration with Lisa Walker. We repurpose, reuse and embellish Army Surplus clothing for a new life as a fashion piece.  Not only do we save these pieces from a landfill, but we also turn them into something you can treasure for a long time.  

    revival jackson holerevival jackson hole t-shirt

      Totem Salvaged reuses vintage pieces in their handbags.  Re/Done has been finding old jeans and giving them new life.  Jean Francois searches for vintage beads and rosaries at markets in Paris to create his amazing collection.  Just a few of the brands we carry that are making a difference. It's a great way for fashion to step up and help with the problems it has created.  

    I hope that Habits can do its part by supporting these efforts and the companies that care.  Happy Earth Day!

    totem salvaged

    redoneredone levis

    jean francois necklacejean francois bracelet




  • Rachel Comey

    Rachel Comey is a modern woman focused brand.  We are thrilled to bring her into Habits. Rachel Comey stands out for their use of technical fabric, vibrant prints, and edgy silhouettes.  

     The collection plays to the independent nature of the brands we love.  It plays to the "I make my own choices" mantra we try to embody. It is both edgy and timeless.  The well-chosen styles are reminiscent of beloved vintage pieces.  The high waist pant, the puff of a shoulder, and the 70's feel of that technical fabric.

    Rachel Comey compliments the simple nature of the clothing and designers we carry.  The plaid Mensy shirt can pair beautifully with our loose fitting Japanese denim brand, Chimala.   The Paloma Jumpsuit with the perfect french tuck feature, is sure to be a wardrobe staple just add a sneaker, Marsell flats, or your favorite pair of heels.

    Sometimes throwing a curve ball into your world and surprising everyone who thinks they know you.  Is just the kind of independent spirit and free thinking we love. 



  • Off-Season in a Mountain Town

    I have lived in this valley for over 30 years and have seen quite a few changes -  some positive and some not so positive. The one thing that doesn't seem to change is the offseason, charmingly (I mean that sarcastically) referred to as mud season. 

    As the ski resorts shutter and tourist visitation wanes, our small town once again belongs to us locals.  Albeit for a precious 3 weeks - it's still pretty darn nice. This time of year you can get a table at your favorite restaurant (until they also close for the offseason), there is parking on the square, grocery shopping is a breeze, and you don't have to wait for three lights before you can make the turn home. 

    At Habits, we see some of our favorite locals who stop by to say hi and wander downtown for lunch because, hey it's empty. 

    Some people find this the perfect time to get out of Jackson and head somewhere warm and sunny. Some of us stay and take advantage of local specials or biking the plowed road through Grand Teton National Park  (while it's closed to motorized vehicles until May 1st) and simply relishing the quiet before the storm.

    If you find yourself in Jackson, Wyoming during this magical season, enjoy the solitude and come say Hi we could use the company.  

    grand teton national park  

    Two of our lovely friends and clients Lynn Grassell and Deb Wuersch taking advantage of some off-season fun. 




  • New Brand Alert. B. Sides Denim

        B Sides began when longtime friends, Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily,  collected antique denim as founders of the curated-vintage boutique Where I Was From. They picked through massive palettes of old denim and were one of the first to start vintage patchworked styles.  There love of denim and that vintage feel was the inspiration for the new denim collection which is sourced from family-owned mills in Georgia and North Carolina.  These mills have provided workwear textiles to farm supply stores since the 19th century.  This new collection has a depth and texture reminiscent of denim from the '70s. Just like their name, B side, sometimes the other side is better. 

    Habits is always committed to finding some of the best denim.  B Sides is a wonderful addition to our collections. 

    "For a certain sort of style enthusiast—the type of person who, say, listens to music on vinyl and washes their hands with hunks of Savon de Marseille—vintage jeans are the only jeans. 

    Hold a pair from the ’70s next to its contemporary counterpart, and there’s no comparison: The fabric is thicker, more substantial, rich with irregularities. As the saying goes, they don’t make ’em like that anymore. Now, however, they do." 


    Check out what one of our favorite blogs, Honestly WTF, had to say about the collection as well.  https://honestlywtf.com/style/shopping/b-sides-jeans/

    b sides art mid straight jean

    henri hi slim

    Leni Hi flare b sides denim

    b sides cropped jacket

    b sides jeans



  • Every day is Women's day.

    Today is the International Day of Woman.  What a year it's been for woman all over the world.  

    Spain elects the highest number of female ministers, Women in Saudi Arabia can now legally drive, the Nobel peace prize was given to Nadia Murad, who was captured by ISIS, and advocates for victims of rape and sex trafficking, and  Kristi Noem became the first female governor in South Dakota. 

    Women broke records in the US midterms and shattered many glass ceilings.

     Habits supports quite a few female designers and entrepreneurs.  We are an all-woman team photographing, Instagramming, and working with our lovely clients, who are also role models as female entrepreneurs, gallery owners, lawyers, art advocates, architects, doctors, and moms keeping it all together. 

    Most of the collections we carry are created by uber talented women designers.  Lindy McDonough of Lotuff leather, Ali Blankley of Hazel Brown, Noriko Machada of Chimala, Audrey McLoughlin of Frank and Eileen, Yukari Suda of Pas De Calais, Stella Ishi of 6397, Lisa Walker of Revival Jackson Hole, Christy Lea Payne of CLP Jewelry, Rachel Comey , Katharine Hamnett,  Raquel Allegra, Lena Skadegard, Dawn Bryfogle, Alison Taylor of Sula, Scosha Wooldrige of Scosha, Ariana Bousssard, Clare V., Maria Rudman, Rosa Maria, Janessa Leone, Lola Erlich of Lola Hats and Sveta of Pip Squeak.  

    As we head into 2019, I hope this momentum continues and we make bigger strides in many ways.  Not just through the legislature, but within ourselves to be heard and to step out of the toxic beauty culture that makes so many of us feel inadequate. 

    Because girl, that nonsense is a waste of time. 

    "I matter I matter equally.  Not 'if only, not'as long as', I matter.  Full. Stop."

    Chimamanda Adichi, Nigerian writer. 

    habits blog  

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