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At Habits we focus on special brands, offering our clients an elevated level of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Our focus on small, hard to find, designers results in a brilliantly curated collection of skillfully crafted jewelry and apparel. Online or in store when you shop with us, you are part of our family. We offer personalized service – befitting of our loyal clientele.

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  • Moussy Jeans--Your New BF

    Moussy Jeans--Your New BF

    Think of your favorite jeans ever. You know the ones—they fit perfectly, were faded and distressed in all the right places and felt so comfy you could sleep in them—and often did. Welcome to Moussy jeans—your old jeans reincarnated and improved.

    Moussy (pronounced Moosie) jeans are crafted from Japanese denim—a fabric we heart big time. It is painstakingly hand woven on special looms and usually hand dyed. We carry several iconic Japanese brands in addition to Moussy—including Chimala, R13, NSF denim, and 6397, and we love them all. But what we especially love about Moussy jeans is their patina.  Each piece is sewn by hand, and great artistic thought goes into the positioning of every stray thread, whiskered crease, and distressed patch. Even better is their supple feel, buttery soft despite the fact that they are pure cotton uncontaminated by any Lycra. No breaking in needed. Put them on and you’ll feel you are welcoming an old friend back into your life.  These are jeans you’ll wear

    and love for decades to come.






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